My card declined

Hi. I opened my account, put in 1000. Right now I have over 500 in the cash envelope. Everything else is in different ones.

I went to use my card for $60. It was declined. I got back to my car and opened up phone. I had a notification from Envel that I wished I had screenshots. It basically said;

Hey your trying to spend 60 but don’t have enough money. Want use to transfer some from the vault for the next 15 min?

I should say my “guilt free” says it’s 50 so that’s under the 60 decline.

i havent seen this Guilt Free envelop. Where is it?

Hi @David, your Guilt Free daily spending limit is $53.77 dollars. You can switch to a weekly or no limit by clicking on the dial in the home screen.

If you try to do a transaction that is more than your Guilt Free daily spending limit, it will then decline the transaction. The app will then asks if you temporarily want to use funds from your Emergency Envelope (basically your contingency).

That way you won’t overspend today if that’s really your budget. In your case your Guilt Free daily spending limit might be relatively low since you don’t have your full paycheck in right now. Therefore we can recommend to switch to a Guilt Free weekly spending limit or no limit.

No limit is all your money minus bills, vault and emergency. But it’s Guilt Free because the rest is covered.

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Hi @Envel thanks for answering. I’ve switched to no limit.

That said I just don’t understand. “Guilt free limit” implies I should feel guilty if I spend more than that amount. Not that I will be prevented from spending it! In fact no where does the screen imply my card will be declined.

Simple had a safe to spend but you were always free to spend more than that amount!

In addition now I have to choose between understanding what my daily spending should be but having my card declined all the time or having no limit and no advice on what is safe to spend.


Hey David,

That’s actually interesting, no one’s ever brought that up about the name
“Guilt-Free.” Our aim is not to make users feel guilty for overspending (you also have an emergency fund that you can tap into in these situations, as well as any other envelope if need be) but rather free of guilt and thus free to live in the present without having to worry that their bills won’t be covered.

It’s ultimately your money, we just give our suggestions! If you could choose an alternative name for the Guilt-free limit, what would you suggest? We obviously can’t take Safe-to-Spend: credit where credit is due, this sounded like an excellent features that we’ve heard many of their users rave about.

I have played around with all 3 limit modes, and I personally find weekly to be the most effective. I tend to spend larger amounts once or twice a week on groceries. Back when we were in an office and I went to Starbucks multiple times per day, I think that the daily limit would have been more effective. It really depends on the user!


Hi @jacqueline

The name Guilt Free works just as well as safe to spend. So well that I just assumed they acted the same way (obviously they don’t)

If I have 500 in my cash envelope and 50 in guilt free My gut feeling is that I should never be declined on any purchase under $500.

I guess the real issue is: simple was one account divided by software and your multiple accounts. So things are working totally different.


@jacqueline @Envel

Like digisal, I’m also curious how to find my guilt-free envelope? I can only see my cash envelope on my app.

It’s the first screen that you see when you open your app

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Hey @Ryy,

Your cash and guilt-free cash are the same thing! Apologies for any confusion.

That is true: we are not simple, and the multiple vs. single accounts each have their pros and cons, which I’ve discussed on reddit but happy to elaborate more here if you’d like.

However, in this case I would recommend just switching off your Daily limit. Then you would never be decline!

For what it’s worth I always thought Simple’s Safe to Spend was strangely named because you could overspend on it… so I like that Envel doesn’t allow that.

One of the first things I did when setting it up was choose a weekly limit and look at my Autopilot options (penny-pinching, Beast Mode, Party) and figure out what each of those would do. So far, taking the middle ground (weekly limit, beast mode) hasn’t done me wrong. Any large purchases I make come from their own envelope anyway, and having something declined is a very clear message of “you’re going over your budget right now”.

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Thank you for the advice @Carlile2011 ! I also use the weekly limit and switch around modes (the holiday season was party mode all the time). Our priority is ultimately increasing users financial health, literacy, and stability, and our daily/weekly limits are one of the ways in which we accomplish this, while still allowing users to customize when needed.

So far this app is pretty frustrating, I’m not gonna go on a page length of rant so… , 1) it took almost 2 weeks for me to get access to my first paycheck when switching Simple, 2) it doesn’t allow me to transfer to any of my Virtual envelopes, and when I follow the directions to transfer from the spend envelope I choose “bank “ and it has one in there already, and there is no way, that I can see to delete it or add another one.

I’ve tried contacting support for this and no answer. There is also no information on how to unlink an account. And finally 3) I just received a charge from some third party company of my apartments, for $25 because when I transferred $700 to my apartment to pay rent, 2 days later it kicked it back to me saying “insufficient funds” um what? So I’m being charged for “NOT HAVING MONEY” when I clearly do… so can someone please help me unlink an account so I can transfer my money elsewhere and get rid of this headache please thanks :weary:

Our response is here James @Jfred, apologies for the inconvenience :slight_smile: