My Name Feature

Just read today that One is now offering the option to pick the name you want to go by called My Name. They’ll add it to a new debit card, call you by it, etc. They’ll do that with no type of proof, but if you want to use a different last name then you need to send them proof of change.

Maybe Envel should offer something like that. Would be great for trans and non-binary people.

Hey John,

We actually do have this option! We just don’t have a name for it and haven’t really publicized it, but we’ve had several folks make this request, and we work with them directly to make sure that they get their true name on their Envel card.

But you bring up a good point, we should publicize this more! We did a post on the first week of Pride month, but could definitely make our users more aware that this exists. Do you have any suggestions for naming this feature? We can’t do True Name (Visa) or My Name (One)…any ideas?


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I may have seen that post but I see so many different posts here and there I’m not 100% sure.

As for what to call it, I’m not sure. The only things I can come up with right now is something like Real Name, Your Name, or Pride Name.

True Name btw is Mastercard.

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Haha thanks for the correction! those are great ideas, I will chat with the team to see if we can decide on a name and publicize accordingly.