My Spending Cash Limit turned off, but still on?

So under Autopilot, I have “My Spending Cash Limit” turned off, but on the main screen, it’s still showing as on, with a limit. And apparently this “limit” is grounds for rejecting debit card payments. I got a notification that a withdrawal was rejected because it was over my daily spending cash limit, even though I have it turned off. It gave me the option to allow emergency funds available for the next half hour, but I’m not sure how that’s going to help when the transaction is an online purchase I made yesterday morning.

I don’t want a daily spending limit, but apparently turning it off doesn’t actually turn it off and now it’s causing my card to decline. Not cool.

Hey Coley,

I’m so sorry about that, that definitely shouldn’t be happening! Would you be able to share screenshots of 1) your Cash envelope balance and recent transactions and 2) what you see on your home screen, where it says ‘Cash left?’ If you prefer to DM me just click on my name and select ‘Message.’


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