Need more info for employer on direct deposit

My employer is requiring bank name, address, and then a voided check/account details on a bank letter head with the info imprinted, not hand written, blah blah. Actually I’ll copy and paste:

Checking Account – A voided check or a Direct Deposit Set Up Form issued by your bank, with account and routing numbers imprinted. If you do not have checks, a letter from you bank, on bank letterhead, including account and routing numbers imprinted, and signed by a bank representative. If attaching a voided check, please tape the check long-ways in the box provided on the front.

I think I found the bank is NBKC, but I can’t find the address to use and then I don’t think the info given on the app for direct deposit is gonna fly with them. I’m going to try to screen shot to show them I didn’t just make the email up myself, but I think Envel needs to offer something more substantive. Does anyone else have an employer that needs all of this stuff?

Hey Heather,

Thank you for bringing this up, a few other people have run into this issue. The best way to obtain this documentation is by emailing, but if you message me the email or phone number associated with your account I can open up a ticket for you!


i can’t for the life on me figure out how to message directly, so i’ll just email.

No worries, you can do this by clicking on my name (which take you to my profile) and selecting ‘Message.’ Keep me posted, and let me know if you still need help after contacting support!