New to Envel, got some suggestions

Hi! Excited to be here as a rufugee from the Simple shut down. :sweat_smile: Couple of opening needs and feedbacks now that I’m set up:

  1. While I appreciate from a security perspective that there is no true password for my Envel account, just the passcode to the app, I suspect this will hinder your ability to provide certain features in the future (like being able to link to apps like Venmo without doing manual verification).

  2. When connecting my external accounts, I can sign in through plaid and see that I have four accounts at a particular bank, but I can only select one at a time to connect. With the whole 2FA process and all the loading, it’s quite tedious. And then, they all have the bank name, not the account name shown by Plaid. At least renaming them would be useful.

  3. I need a way to access my Acct/routing info more easily (to reconfigure all those autopays!) Simple did this by having an “Account Numbers” section in my profile/settings area.

  4. Need to make some accessibility UI improvements. I read some comments about the Envel UI being a bit gaudy… I don’t think I’d go that far, but I’d like to be able to reduce the colours and clutter in the app. My partner is partially colourblind and he literally wouldn’t want to use this because of the way the envelopes and stuff would be mostly a cluttered grayscale.

Doing great so far! Love the concept and I’m excited to dig in :slight_smile:


This is really helpful @Carlile2011! Love it! I’ve logged your concerns and ideas, thanks again :heart:


Hey @Carlile2011, I thanked you already on another post but thank you again so much for this valuable feedback! We are compiling all of it on our team board, so any more suggestions you have are greatly appreciated!

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I am an investor and just downloaded the app. I had trouble scrolling through the screens as it seemed to freeze for moments. I have a new iPhone so it is not the phone. You may want to double check this. Also, I had to dig to find the location where you can turn autopilot on. Can you add a button at the top to turn autopilot on / off similar to how you have a button to select dark mode / light mode for the screen. I also did not see my home address in my profile . Can this be displayed and have an edit function if one needs to change it (same for the phone number). Thanks.

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Hey there, welcome to our forum!

We haven’t had issues with the screen freezing, have you downloaded the latest version (we came out with updates this weekend, and a lot of bugs were fixed and suggestions from Investors and users incorporated. If you are still having this issue, do you mind letting me know which screens/tabs it is happening on?

Great note about the autopilot button, conveying to our design team.

We are thrilled to have you on board! If you have any other questions, feedback, suggestions, let us know on here, our subreddit u/Envel, or Twitter @envel_ai

Jacqui from Envel

Ha, that’s actually really funny, I just submitted a ticket to have my address changed.

One thing for Envel to consider: I only know a handful of people whose drivers license actually shows their correct address. And while I was able to ship my card to a different address, I still have to update it in Envel so that I can use my card for things like online purchases.

I believe with simple they actually mailed me a verification code that I could enter to verify my address when I signed up. After that, I could do it myself in the app. Thoughts?

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Just wanted to point out that the brain icon is how you can control autopilot, it’s right next to the dark mode toggle (which tbh should be changed so that it matches my system settings instead of being manual).

Also phone number is editable on the personal information screen. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the issue with scrolling, but tbh I don’t have a lot to scroll through in the app, since I have only a few transactions.

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To a new user the brain icon doesn’t mean anything and pressing it takes you to a screen that tells you autopilot is off or on but not what to do to turn it on or off. You are also not able to alter your address which is the point I made. Changing the phone number is there but not address. The scrolling function seems to slow down or freeze for one second or two every time I scroll down regardless of what I am viewing so the developers should check this further.

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You should probably put in a ticket or start your own post in #bugs about the scrolling issue instead of writing in this thread about my suggestions as a new Envel user. I’m sure they would appreciate a longer description, maybe even a little screen recording.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will convey to the design and engineering teams, and you yes you can post anywhere you want!

Thank you! I have logged the address issue to our team, as several people have asked about changing it. We hope to get this solved soon!

I am new to Envel and maybe thai has been talked about but instead of having a time limit of how long a card would be connected to an envelope, why not allow us to pick where the transaction can go. This seems easier than trying to open my phone just before I buy groceries. Simple did this and then remembered the merchant so it would put it in the same expense next time. I like that we would only need one card but the manual step of having to pick the envelope before a purchase seems repetitive and against the direction of your company.

Also is there a way I could drag or move an envelope from personal to joint?


Hey there @Brock65, welcome to our forum!

We are actually conducting a poll about our card link feature and the time limit. Let us know what you think here

For now you can create a shared envelope and manually transfer the funds, but we could definitely look into the possibility of instantly sharing personal envelopes.

Thank you for your feedback, and let us know if you have other thoughts or questions. We are thrilled to have you on board!

Jacqui + the Envel team