New User Poll! Switching from Autopilot to Manual

Hi community!

We’d like your feedback on what happens to your envelopes when you switch from autopilot to manual mode. Would you prefer that the envelopes maintain the balances allocated by autopilot, or rather reset for you to allocate as you choose?

Vote here!

Jacqui + the Envel team

(Not having a Reddit account GASP, I’ll vote here) My expectation would be that the balance stays as it was before switching it.


So I noticed something interesting and maybe I’m just not aware of how it’s works but. On the autonomous envelopes I noticed that some of them have the gear on the top right is the app to adjust the amounts per month.

When I click on the bills envelopes it’s not there. Does the AI feature ask you how much to allocate to bills each month?

Good question: the AI currently allocates money to your bills envelope based on how you set up your sliders (for rent, utilities, etc…), once it gets a full picture of your personal finances. Full disclosure, this feature is still being tweaked, but it’s a top priority for our next update. Stay posted!

In general we plan to make the Bills envelopes more customizable (such as incorporating aspects of Simple’s Expenses). Would you like the option to have a gear on all your autonomous envelopes as there is on Groceries/Gas?

@jacqueline thanks for the info. It might be helpful to have the customizable options per envelope as bills sometimes change. But then again if the AI can just auto balance might not be needed. Personally I think it would be a nice touch as things change sometimes I may wait to pay more one month or visa versa. :slight_smile:


It sounds like customization may be the way to go! Appreciate your input, will chat to the dev team about it tomorrow!