New Year Resolutions

May be a little early. Wondering if Envel team has started listing its resolutions for the year 2021 in terms taking Envel to the next level

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We definitely have major plans to take Envel to the next level! Thank you for bringing this up, I can chat with the team and get back to you with some concrete resolutions! What are your resolutions for the new year? Personally I really need to cut down my spending of superfluous purchases such as $30+ grub hub meals


Thanks for your prompt reply.

My new year resolution will be to increase my savings by cutting down unnecessary expenses. COVID has made me realise what are the essential expenses.
I am sure that Envel can help me achieve my resolution successfully.

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That’s our mission! We are excited to have you be a part of our community! Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we could better improve your experience on the app


@jacqueline tad bit late :joy: but I also just made a $40 ramen order through doordash so don’t feel so bad :smirk:

Also hoping to cut down on my food and drink purchases and save up money for an eventual move out of state.

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Haha I’m glad you posted on this thread I needed a reminder!

Don’t feel bad I’ve spend $20 on ice cream delivery twice in the past week. $20 on a single scoop. So definitely room for improvement!

My plan is to either incorporate food delivery into groceries or create a Goal for it. I just need to keep tabs on it somehow, and Envel can definitely help with that! Unfortunately Envel cannot cook me fresh, tasty homemade meals, but we are forward thinking.

Thank you for sharing, that sound like a great goal and definitely something Envel can help out with. If you know the approximate amount and date of your move, I would recommend creating a Goal!


:joy: Or have make a self-care goal and account food splurges for it! I have made move out goals in the past with Simple but there always was impulse trips that came up and poof, that money was gone. Def planning to go more strict on myself this year with following budgets.

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