New YouTube Video

I think once version 2.+ is out you should release a longer YouTube video explaining what Envel is and how the app features work. Right now your longest video is 2:24, need one that goes more into detail. But, again I’d wait till 2.+ is out unless it’s not coming out for many months.

Plus you could break down the video into smaller videos that focus on certain features for those that don’t want to sit and watch a long video.

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Yeah building on @IggiePuff’s point. When itemized expenses came out (before you released the detailed instructions), our only reference was a maddeningly short vignette on your Instagram. It was like 5 seconds long and didn’t provide enough detail.

Please consider YouTube or at least longer Instagram videos going forward.

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Hey John and @dvargas ,

This is an excellent suggestions, and I will collaborate with the rest of the marketing team to make this happen! In the meantime if you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer them.