Nice update!

Nice to see the latest update with lots of improvements. It is brilliant to allow the debit card to be connected to any envelope :clap:t5::clap:t5:
Can you add a button in debit card page to add the card to ApplePay?
Also, we need to have button to see and copy the card number.

Thank you @Nomad, we really appreciate all your feedback and ideas :heart:

Apple Pay is coming, not a button on debit card yet as this is not available for everyone yet. We just finished testing last week.

Keep the feedback coming, we love it :muscle:

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It is exciting to know that Apple Pay is around the corner. By the way, I just went ahead and tried to add it to Apple Pay. At the end, after accepting the terms and conditions, I got the following error message:

Card Not Added
Contact your card issuer for more information

Assume, that it is not yet rolled out to me. Hope to get the option of “Rapid Transfer” along with Apple Pay soon.

First half of December will be available for everyone :blush:

Will keep you posted!

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When the debit card is attached a different envelope, will it remain attached to the same envelope or after the transaction will it be reverted to cash envelope??

It remains linked to your Envelope for 5 minutes. We’re still testing this feature heavily, so all the testing and feedback is welcome!

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That will be kind of tricky to keep track of the envelopes the debit card is attached with. It would be good to have an option to attach the card permanently or temporarily to a particular envelope. In my case, I prefer to attach it to Bill envelope.
Enviva can intelligently alert us that the card is currently attached to a particular envelope, when the funds in that particular envelop runs low.
Not sure how challenging it is. Just sharing my thoughts.

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Great thoughts thanks you so much! All the feedback you provide is logged :sunglasses:

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New user from Simple. Is there a way to at least specify a default? Due to not having a “shared” account, rather envelope, it would be nice to be able to use a shared envelope as default (so you didn’t have to switch it). Carrying two cards was kind of annoying, but it was super easy to know which account the money was coming from.