No banking login is kind of a problem

Now that I’ve finally got PayPal set up properly with my account, I’m now running across this issue:

Luckily, I have other payment options, but I had several things go to my credit card that I really would have preferred to pay with my Cash account already, so now it seems like PayPal won’t let me use that account unless I can login to it. I know this is something that’s been mentioned before, but it’s definitely something that needs to happen ASAP.

PayPal user here…
The set up I’ve used is my debit card or routing/checking account number located thru envel under (Add Funds) to link PayPal to Envel…

Here’s some screenshots

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On the PayPal go to your settings use that routing/account number… Type in Envel but click on the Enter Bank details manually to use that info

Sounds like @raspberrychucks already verified the bank but now they are getting this message?

also, what is Yodlee, did a quick and it appears there are tons of issues with it:

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You are correct @digiSal. My account is set up in PayPal, but they want me to verify it with a username and password. We don’t have usernames and passwords for our accounts. I couldn’t tell you if this Yodlee thing is working or not because we don’t have usernames or passwords for our accounts. It’s a problem. It needs to be fixed.

But had verified before? With the deposits?

Yes, it’s verified because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be able to use it as a payment option in the first place. I think the reason I’m getting flagged was because I didn’t realize that the deposit account could only be used to receive funds on PayPal and had a few payments get rejected. I added my cash account and it’s been verified. As the notice says, “Now and then, a payment needs to be checked before it goes through… It’s part of how we manage risk and fraud and it helps you avoid declines.” So now I can’t use the account in PayPal unless we actually get logins for the accounts (or until PayPal trusts me again).

Hey Coley,

I apologize for the trouble, and thank you for bringing this to our attention! And thank you @Gary_Miles for your help. Yes, unfortunately the deposit/income account can only be used to add money to your Envel account, not make payments. We have recently added an attention message on the deposit/income account page to make it clear to users not to user this account information for payments. I am very sorry for the confusion!

I’m glad that you were able to get your cash account verified! Have you been able to make payments with it, or are you still getting notifications from Paypal? If they don’t trust you because of the deposit account confusion, we would be happy to write them a letter or something stating that it is our fault, not yours.


This was the first time I tried to make a payment with my account, but they wouldn’t let me unless I login, which I can’t do because we don’t have logins. I don’t know for sure if the problems I had earlier are why they are making verify my account with login information, but regardless, it’s a problem.

I’ll let you know if they make me do it again. I don’t need to buy anything with PayPal at the moment, so I can’t test it and see if they’re going to continue to do that.

@raspberrychucks oh, so now because you used the income account to make a payment, paypal is not letting you use the cash account either?

I’m not 100% sure, but that’s my theory.

Alright, please keep us posted! I will talk to the team about getting our users logins with NBKC

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I tried a $70 transaction via PayPal this morning and was prompted for my banking login. I just did an $9 transaction and it went through. Definitely looks like PayPal had flagged my recently added accounts, because the transaction that initially triggered it was about $80. Maybe after the $9 one goes through, they won’t ask again.

Hey there,

I’m glad that your $9 transaction went through! Did the $70 transaction go through, or did you run into issues?


Nope, when I tried the $70 one, it asked for my bank login. Ended up having to go grab my debit card.

Ok, thank you for the update. I chatted with our technical team about this and the issue is that we are not yet searchable in the Plaid directory, which is what prompts you for your NBKC login. We are working on integrating with Plaid, which will ultimately solve this issue as well!



I’m not sure what Plaid integration would have to do with PayPal, especially since they say they use Yodlee when they request you login with your banking credentials in this situation. I know they do use Plaid if you want to add your account without waiting for the deposits, but it seems like the situation I encountered is not Plaid related.

At any rate, I just tried a $35 payment and wasn’t prompted to login. Hopefully, PayPal trusts me now :crossed_fingers:

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I’m so glad to hear it! Let us know if you have if you have any other issues with Paypal.


I spoke too soon. PayPal approved a 2nd purchase of about $40 last night, but when I tried to do another this morning, I was prompted to login again.

Remind me. Why are you using paypal? to use the bills envelope?