"No Internet Connection"

Whatever you guys are doing in your app to determine internet connectivity is broken. I have internet via the WiFi I’m on (I’m using to type this from a laptop) and I’ve tried over the phone’s cellular connection which also has zero connectivity issues in other apps. Both methods show a small dialog in the Envel app of “No Internet Connection”

I got paid today and I need to move my money around to my envelopes for budgeting and I can’t seem to do that and have it update accordingly since the app thinks there’s no internet.

Definitely something on Envels end. I’m experiencing the same problem. Maybe something to do with servers :man_shrugging:.

I’m not tech guy

Hi All,

Apologies the inconvenience, we are currently experiencing an issue with one of our system servers being down. We hope to have everything back up and running soon.

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I’m also having that issue, and now it won’t let me log into my account at all.

We are at the end of the day and this seems to still be an issue.

Now the app just runs exceedingly slow and eventually crashes out.

We’ve now gone officially 24 hours without me being able to access my bank account.

The app attempts to load, very slowly but then just crashes out on my iPhone.

Is there any update on when we can expect this issue to be resolved?

Now 2 full days into not being able to access my bank account. The app occasionally manages to load but then immediately crashes once it’s loaded. And that only happens once every 7-8 times I load it.

Is there any update on this at all? Two full days with no real update or timeline for being able to access our accounts is ridiculous.

Hi Koby,

Apologies for the late reply.

I am going to open a support ticket in you name so we can have out product team look into this for you. Please be on the lookout for an email.

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Did this ever get resolved for you? I’m now having this issue, and no one seems to be able to say anything. Blindly spending money isn’t fun

Support had me reinstall the app and it worked again.

Please let us know if this issue is still there. @caog welcome to the forum.

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Yes. It’s been days. I cannot see all of my envelopes, when any do appear, and my balance is not correctly shown. I have no idea how much my available balance is. I’ve only been told that the tech team will investigate, it have been given no eta on resolution.

The issue persists on all Wi-Fi networks, on cellular data, and after having reinstalled the app.

I’m having that issue now. I get paid today and I need access to my money ASAP. Y’all can’t be playing with people money for real.

Hi @ckeel90, I know we spoke on Discord. But for the rest of the people here. Here is a report of the outage.

An update to our downtime:
Envel’s API was unreachable from 7:15 PM (EST) 7/26/2022 to 2:35 AM (EST) 7/27/2022. This meant the app showed “server unreachable” as well as no notifications were sent, rest assured your funds were safe and you could still use your debit card.
After a system restart, everything is back up and notifications during that time were sent out.

What went wrong?
As we are focusing on missing transactions and notifications (different systems), this was the longest time without deployment or restart to the API server in months. While we are still investigating, the initial indicators are a memory leak within the web server used by the API server.

What could we have done better?
Restarting the API server was a manual process that one of our engineers had to do. We have since automated the process. See envel-tech for more info.

What are we doing going forward?

  • Automating the restart in extreme cases like this
  • Further investigate the root cause and resolve it
  • Further decouple the API server from the transaction server so that notifications would still work in cases like this
  • Enable the support team that was available at this time to resolve cases like this