No Support Replies means 0 Star Rating

I’ve contacted support over 4 times only to NOT have my issues responded to. It’s obvious that most of these fly by night bank apps are only out to get your deposits and never really care for when their clients have issues UNLESS ITS ABOUT DEPOSITING your funds!!!

I wouldn’t put a dime in this Envel app because once you ignore me, I’ve already blogged and created my HONEST review on support and overall usage and it’s 0/10.

Their are millions of apps available and one new shiny bank app with luring rewards but bad support and NO PHONE NUMBER is already a SIGN TO DNT DEPOSIT!

What’s sad is that without a phone number, you would think an App would realize support tickets will be thru the roof. No company can last long with lagging support once clients realize this and begin to start tossing the app out.

Please for anyone using apps and don’t know if it’s really reliable and safe for your banking or funding, all you have to do is analyze/contact their support and realize to STAY AWAY from apps like these.

I hope this is a lesson learned for these banking apps to really step it up and stop creating basement apps just to get others money and not really provide the needed support your clients by all means.

Hey there,

It looks like you were asking about the referral bonus. If you didn’t receive this, its either because you and your referees didn’t onboard in correct timeframe, that you and/or your referees didn’t complete on boarding (i.e. order your debit card), or that you and your referees didn’t use the correct referral link. I apologize, but there’s nothing we can do about these issues.

We have various additional support channels, including this forum and our Discord. On average, our response time is 2.5 hours.


Well would you look at this…Soon as I posted my review here comes someone responding to my issue. Lol 2.5 hours? That’s a bunch of bs because I contacted support 4 different times with no response.

The app said you had X amount a days left to qualify for signup and ref bonus so this isn’t accurate.

Now that wasn’t so hard to do but this is what happens when you treat clients like flies just fan them away.

I still rate this app 0 and would tell anyone to really do research before using these flaky apps that ask for your money but have no real phone support. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I can’t call about my funds over the phone. There are better apps with phone support.

Have a great day and thanks for your response to my very simple questions.

Hey there,

That’s one of the reasons we have this forum: if you don’t receive a prompt reply from support and have a serious issue, I follow up with them based on your posts here.

You’re completely entitled to your opinions about the app, but please don’t create additional spam accounts on this site just for the purpose of furthering your opinions. It’s very easy for us to tell when accounts are legitimate or not.


Wait so you actually thought that I would waste time to create multiple accounts just too tell you guys ANOTHER issue I didn’t even know about??? LMAO!!!

As I read thru those guys comments from my email, I knew it was people who would give their honest opinion. So you DELETED 2 of your clients response only to hush out more of your problems???

Accusing me isn’t going to cut it. Telling people to register to a rundown shitty forum isn’t going to cut it either. I hope those 2 come back and slaughter this forum and really put this moderator in their place.

My time is valuable and I would never waste time on this zero app where I have to go to a freaking forum to get help with support? What is this 2003??? LMAO!!!

Please dnt ever insult me like that again. That’s above your pay grade. I hope you apologize to them for taking their time to tell you their issue and you bashed them like flies on the wall. This app here really is a joke!!!

Wait WTA*!?! Did you seriously delete my honest feedback just because it was unflattering about the reality of dealing Envel’s (lack of) support?

You can try to fool the public by claiming that it was a spam account but let’s think through this logically.

  1. Every account here on this forum is registered with an email address or a social login (currently: Facebook, Github, Google, or Twitter). I don’t know what BSTechWrld used but I registered with my email.
  2. You can search my email address and see that I’m a legitimate user that’s waiting on his card to arrive. My email has a particular format to make it easy for me to filter and sort but the domain is custom. You can find me in your user database just by searching for my domain (the part after the @ symbol)
    The format for my email addresses is @ so if my name is Francis Young Underwood that would look something like
    Now I keep my forum account separate from my user account for the app but it’s clear that I’m a separate and different user than BSTechWrld.
  3. Your insinuation that my honest feed back was anything other than my attempt to help you improve on your platform and inform you of the ways you almost lost a customer is insulting to say the least. go ahead and look up my account and see the trial deposits coming in from the multiple other accounts I have elsewhere. I was preparing make massive use of the platform despite you terrible support track record with me. I’ve even convinced at least 4 other people to give you a shot despite my issues. In one act of hubris you’ve destroyed any good will that might have existed toward you.
  4. You can’t undo the damage you’ve caused with your idiotic accusations but you can keep it from getting worse. Here’s how: First publicly apologize for impugning my character and that of BSTechWrld; Second, restore my post and the others deleted ; Third verify the veracity of the claims I made in said post and take it as honest feedback from someone trying to be helpful and candid; lastly fix yourself. I’m not talking about the app or even the support issues. I mean you. I don’t know what’s going on in your life that you think it’s ok to behave as you have but whatever it is I hope it’s temporary

Now you can of course ignore what I’m saying and delete this post as well. Here’s the thing though. You’ve insulted my character when I was just trying to be helpful and honest. Guys like me, we try to give people an opportunity to be decent human beings. You’ve already messed up once. Here’s your chance to choose to be accountable, to be better. It’s, currently, not worth my time to go out of my way to set up an automated system that might collect everyone’s horror stories about dealing with envel and putting them up on a website, then contacting all of the fintech vloggers and letting them know just how bad the support is, let alone the team running the community forum. Please don’t make it worth my time to do that. Seriously, don’t. It would be two weekends of work for me and we have holidays coming up. Nobody here wants my New Year’s resolution to be “incentivize Envel to apologize and be accountable”.

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Hey there,

I deleted your post because the email address used was not associated with a user, from a domain I had never heard of. Please in the future post from the email address associated from your account so that I know you are a legitimate user.


Hi there,

I apologize if I insulted you. We get a decent amount of spam posts on this forum. If you have any constructive feedback (we are constantly trying to decrease our support wait times), please lmk.


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  1. You could have done a little bit of legwork before jumping to conclusions. There’s a website at the domain. It’s old and out of date but it’s MY personal domain and my website.
  2. I’m sorry but I can’t/won’t do that. I’m a developer (among other things) and I’ve written custom filters that separate my mail based on a host of factors, among them the tag that comes after my initials. so while email for the app and email for the community site are both associated with ‘envel’ one is social and the other is financial. All of my financial email is archived and backed up. None of my social email is. Plus, if a script kiddie manages to breach your community website and get access to your user list, the first thing they’ll do is try to do is phish people using the email addresses in the database. My system keeps that from happening because different email addresses should only receive very specific messages. It’s wrong to assume that everyone has the same habits, patterns, or needs. If you want to make that a requirement of using the site it should be presented to the user on account creation. It’s not my job to conform to the set of unstated assumptions made by others.
  3. Thank you for your apology

I’m telling you here that I have another post here detailing the difficulties I face in using envel the way I’d like to and convincing some others to jump in with me. I will be honest and unvarnished.

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Hi there,

Fair enough. Feel free to post any other feedback or questions about the app.