Non-Sufficient Funds - Order Declined


1 - Tried to do a transfer to Bank which is setup to deposit to Envel. Transfer failed. Funds look like they were returned to Envel account.
2 - Tried to make an Amazon purchase after moving all money to cash envelope. Transaction was declined.

I love the idea on Evel, but the code is not ready for me to adopt, and I have decided to close Envel account.

At this point, please just close my account and send me a paper check. //ctc

Hey there!

I’m so sorry that you had a negative experience! For 1- which account/routing number did you give to your bank? Make sure its not your Income account, which can only be used to deposit funds to your Envel account (this is the information you give for direct deposit). If you did an envelope, which envelope was it, and was the balance sufficient?

2- Would you mind messaging me details about the transaction? Is the attempt showing up on your Envel account? And were your autopilot and spending guidance turned on? Sometimes purchases get declined because users have their daily or weekly spending guidance on, which affects how much you have available in your Cash account.

Again, I am very sorry that you are having issues, and I will definitely work with you to get them figured out! We’d be very sad to see you go, but if you do decide to go through with closing your account, this can be completed by message