Nonsufficient Funds transfer coverage?

A bank transfer came out of my Custom Envelope but there wasn’t enough money there. I see what looks like a deposit from a Custom Envelope but I can’t tell from which envelope.

Did envel cover my NSF from another envelope? From which Envelope?

Why does it say Paycheck?

I did not know any of this was happening until I got a notification that a deposit was made. Which was the 12.33.

Hey there!

So it looks like because of the NSF, when you attempted to send the funds to your external bank account (you were transferring out, correct?) the funds were simply returned to your account, which is why its showing up as salary. What are you seeing on your external bank regarding this transfer?


no, not a Transfer out. This was a withdrawal from a Merchant.

The merchant received the payment just fine. No notice of nonpayment.

Ah ok thanks. So since the two transactions for $12.33 happened at the same time, it does look like the payment was covered by a different envelope. Are you seeing $12.33 payments in any other envelope? I would check Cash and then Bills first!

No. Not any another envelope. I checked all I have.

Here is what the other transaction looks like.

Thanks! In that case, I believe that this is a bug (we’ve seen before) where a single transactions shows up as 2 different transactions in the envelope, one of which says ‘insufficient funds.’ I believe someone reported this last week, was it you? And if not, has this occurred with any other transactions?


No, i didn’t submit this bug. And I cant think of another situation where this happened.

Gotcha, must have been someone else. I just asked our technical team about it! But yes it does appear to be a bug and shouldn’t impact your transactions.

Which part is the bug? That it doesn’t tell me which envelope it took from or the whole thing?

I liked what it did.

I meant the ‘R01 insufficient funds’ duplicate transaction when the transaction did in fact go through!

I had another one yesterday. I was short 3.74 and it transferred the full amount from somewhere. What’s actually happening here
I manually moved that 374 so it’s not in the negative

Hey there!

Just to clarify, how much was the purchase for?


It was 144.98 but I only had 141.10 in there (if I remember correctly)

But the issue is that it looks like it borrowed the whole amount instead of what was short.

Thanks! Did the purchase end up going through? And do you happen to know which other custom envelope was involved, and if so what are you seeing in that custom envelope?


It must have gone though because the envelope is now empty.

I have no indication which other envelope is involved. The screenshots above is all I see.

Thank you! I’ve noted this to our Operation Trust team (they are focused solely on building user trust and transparency around the movement of their funds). They are digging into the R0`1: insufficient funds issue and the generally confusion fund transfers b/w envelopes the AI does at times. Please let us know if you notice anything else like this!

Revisiting this thread since now I’ve gotten 3 non sufficient fee letters from the merchant for this. $90 total.

I hate to compare with Simple but this never happened with them because it would borrow from other envelopes when one envelope was short.

I know your testing subaccounts and I’ve been hesitant to test it or demand this feature but now I see where not having this is costing people real money.

Yes , my situation is a tad unique because I’m using Target Debit Card linked to it’s own envelope. With a target red card I can save a few bucks at target but now this fee has put me in the red. Unique , but again , would never have happened with that other bank.

Hey there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you were charged fees, and apologize sincerely. Thank you for bringing this to our attention again!

May I ask, are these purchases getting declined via debit card, or via routing/account numbers (and if so, which envelope are they linked to?).

We are currently working very hard on sub accounts, and have a discord channel with users who are eager to beta test. Let me know if you would like me to add you!

For now, my best recommendation would be to link your Cash envelope to these vendors, and then move these transactions to Bills or Target Card envelope after the fact. I apologize as I know this is inconvenient, but we are building our sub accounts to tackle and prevent issues just like this, and I just want to make sure you avoid more fees in the meantime!


Also, I’m happy to have our technical team look into your account and see why these transactions got declined, if that is of interest to you! If so, please let me know if you have an open ticket, or whether you’d like me to open one for you.


I don’t want to link to Cash because I want to move it and forget about it, but the issue occurs when I miscalculate. So this issue is not entirely Envel’s fault. They got declined because I was short but it should have borrowed from another account /envelope.

I don’t want to beta test the sub-accounts just yet mainly because it involves discord lol