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Ongoing recent issues

Two issues:


After linking my card I’m getting declined even though there’s more then enough funds to cover the transaction.

Also certain envelopes won’t allow the transfer of money in and out

Hey there!

I’m very sorry you are having these issues. When did you start to notice them?

  1. Which envelope(s) are you linking to?
  2. Which envelopes are you having this issue with?

Also, if you can let me know the email associated with your account, I can investigate ASAP!


Email should be lkeooe@gmail.com

  1. My Apple Card envelope.

  2. It started on 12/02 with my Counter Culture Pay envelope. I was able to transfer everything out but had accidentally left .77 cents in it. I can’t transfer it out to Emergency or any other envelope.

Last night I was moving money from Emergency to the Apple Card and then the seal-Mart credit card envelope when it stopped working.

Hey there,

Thank you for the follow up.

  1. Is this only happening with your Apple Card envelope? And just to clarify, this is an envelope you use to pay off your Apple credit card, correct? Sometimes credit card payments take several hours too clear. Was your card still linked to this envelope when the payment went through? It only stays linked for 15 minutes, which is something we are fixing with our upcoming sub accounts! We will allow the use to select how long the card is linked, including indefinitely.

  2. Again, are you able to transfer funds between other envelopes? (such as from Cash to Bills). I just want to figure out if this is an envelope specific issue, or a larger issue. And when you tried to transfer the .77 out, did you get an error message? If so, could you long press the error message, and screenshot what pops up? It should give a technical error code that will give us insight into what’s going on.


No I did link my Envel card to my Emergency envelope and got denied that way too.

Yes this is an envelope I use to pay my Apple Credit Card but I link my Envel debit card to it and then add money to my Apple Cash which is instant.

So far I can’t transfer money in or out of my Wal-Mart, Apple or Counter Culture Pay envelopes. Others are working but it seems if I do a few out or into one it’ll stop transferring.

There’s no errors. It says that the transfer is completed but the amount doesn’t change and there’s no record of it in the transactions.

Hey there,

Thank you for the update.

  1. Our team is aware of the Card Link issue, and is implementing a fix that should hit app stores by this Friday at the latest. Please let me know if you are still encountering this issue next week!

  2. Our support team is currently investigating this, and I will keep you posted on their progress.


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