Open Forum: What features or UI/UX elements of Envel do you find confusing that we could provide more guidance around?

Hi friends!

Happy Monday! If Mondays are happy for you, that is. In any case it’s almost over, especially for our friends in South Africa and Europe!

One of our team projects this week is make small adjustments to the app to make it more intuitive/straightforward to users. For example, including gears on the Goals envelopes so folks know they can edit or delete them (thank you u/deucethegod for the suggestion!), adding a question mark button to each autonomous envelope that could provide more detail/information, as a lot of you have been inquiring into how our autopilot allocates your funds into different envelopes.

Keep in mind that with any new app, there is an inevitable adjustment period to the new UI. That being said, it there are minor (or major, anything goes) design or user support changes we can implement to get users on board and accustomed as soon as possible, this is where you can let us know!

I also started a reddit thread if you prefer to post there:

We will receive your feedback no matter where you post (if you prefer you can also email us at, or mention us on social media (@envel_ai).

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Envel Team

1.) Ability to change location settings without being nagged constantly

2.) ability to push funds to other financial accounts outside of envel. Like I have a betterment investment account and I don’t see a way to send money to it other via envel app. I have to pull it from betterment app

3.) better explanation of calibrating the AI. I still don’t understand if I put monthly expenses in each category or by number of pay cycles per month

4.) I don’t really use the autonomous emergency envelope. So maybe ways to hide or delete autonomous envelopes.

5.) Everytime I get a deposit the app sends me 3 or 4 notifications. Would love if that could be consolidated into one notification

Just suggestions. But so far Envel has been great. And for being so young app is honestly in a great state.


I might be the only one but I use the envelope screen more often than any other. Usually if I’m opening the app that is what I want to look at. I would prefer if that was the main screen rather than the Daily/weekly cash screen.

Like this post if you feel the same way. If you disagree I’d be interested to hear why.


Thank you! I will forward these to our design and engineering teams, who also read this board regularly

Jacqui + the Envel team

I actually had that same thought myself! I’d say 90% of the time I spend in the app is on the envelopes screen. Will forward your suggestion to the team!

I just created my first goal. Now I’d like to edit that goal to change the amount or the completion date. I can’t find it?

Are goals funded out of the cash envelope or the vault envelope? At Simple, it was funded out of the “safe to spend” balance. (envel’s cash envelope)

When moving money between envelopes and goals, I’d like to be able to move money in or out of the goal/envelope. (how it was at simple)

When I create a goal, I’d like to upload my own photo for the goal.


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Hey Jon,

Thank you for the feedback! Goals are funding from your vault :slight_smile: , which is something we are aiming to clarify in the app!

Those are great suggestions about the goals, and both have been mentioned but I will most definitely add your votes to the tally! And I can also bring this up at our all team meeting, as these sound like relatively easy fixes.


I’m looking everywhere. I still can’t find a way to edit or delete a goal. Where is this hiding in the app?

Swipe left on the goal!

There it is. Thanks!

Any chance of letting me upload my own photo for each goal? Simple had this and it was fun.

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Not currently, but I just conveyed this request to our dev team and they put it on their to do list! I agree it would be a nice touch to allow users to customize their goal images.


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The ability to click on any envelope and Send or Receive funds. Currently I need to click on the Cash envelope and then send the money where I would like. It would be nice to just click on any envelope, for example bills, then in bills have money moved in from the Cash envelope. Currently whichever envelope you click on only lets you send money out of it but not the other way around.

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Hey there,

When you select “Send”, you have the ability to choose which envelope the money is sent from! Let me know if this isn’t working for some reason.


I think the overdraft protection is drawing from the Emergency envelope.

I finally got my first direct deposit into envel so I’m just now getting to play with the full feature list. My question is: if I have all this money sent to bills and each envelope has its own account number and what not how can I make sure that a subscription for instance gets taken out from the bills envelope. I can’t input an account/routing # for my subscriptions. Maybe it’s obvious but I’m missing it.

Hey Billy,

That’s a great question! Transaction recognition is something we are working to implement, and something that will become much easier once we rollout our transaction tagging feature: if you tag your subscription as a “Bill,” once, the idea is that all future transactions from that vendor will be sent to your Bills.

For now, unfortunately, you will have to link your card to Bills each time you are paying for this subscription, OR enable autopay by linking your Bills envelope to Venmo or Paypal. I realize that neither of these options are ideal, and we apologize for that! We are really looking forward to implementing the transaction tagging.


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That’s a bummer. As of right now it might be best to just keep everything in the cash envelope until tagging comes out. Subscriptions just get billed monthly, I don’t know if I can remember every time to switch to bills before it happens. Can’t wait for the future updates!

Good idea, forgot to mention that suggestion but it’s another solution for now! We can’t wait for our users to have access to these new features :slight_smile: