Owner card updates?

Haven’t heard anything for awhile.

Hey Alex,

I’m very sorry, but we don’t have a date yet. The card shipments are actually controlled by our banking partner, but we will continue to pressure them to send them out! We appreciate your patience, and please let us know if you have any other feedback or questions about the app.

All the best,
Jacqui from Envel

I never got an email asking for my information for the owner card. Should I be worried?

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Seems like they’re dropping the ball on these cards. Haven’t received anything like that either.

Doesn’t exactly instill confidence

@OccultlistWarlock @Shtugats no need to worry, we will be sending out an email soon with all the information you need!

Gotta be getting close, last update was two weeks out from May 26th

Hey Alex,

Yes, we are very close! Our engineers are working on it as we speak.


The issue causing the delay is that the cards don’t currently look as good as we had pictured, so we are working on adjusting the design!