Pending transactions

I have had a pending transaction holding my money for over a week now. The merchant said they order never went through but Envel is still holding the money.

Hey there!

This sounds like it could potentially be a bug, many of which can be fixed by 1) deleting and redownloading the app and 2) toggling the autopilot switch on and off. Do you mind sharing the transaction number so that I can have our support team look it up? It could also be a delay on the merchants side, so if you could let me know the merchant that would also help.


I restarted the app and nothing happened. Transaction is still pending

Hey! So on our end we aren’t seeing this transaction anywhere. Your account balance should not have been affected, but let us know if it was!

But I see the transaction. If the merchant don’t see it and you don’t see it, why did it post anyways

It probably posted because you attempted to make the payment, and it just never went through. This could definitely be a bug and I have made a note of it to our engineers!