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Physical Bug

Not a huge deal I suppose, but I’ve not had my card that long I don’t feel like and it’s already tearing up. The laminate is peeling from the edges which is causing it to look cheap. Think we could get some higher quality cards in the run? Maybe some specialty metal and wood ones. That’d be much appreciated.

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I noticed this too. My previous blue card was perfect. These new bright Orange one already has slight fraying(enough to feel/see/notice) of the short sides. Not sure when it’ll NEED replacement.

When I received my new card I even mentioned to my wife the drop in quality. Like two thin cards glued together.

When I can be bothered to look into how I go about recieving my Owner card. I hope it isn’t made of the same build/material.

I’ve gotten 2 blue cards, the first one when I first signed up to Envel, it looked wonderful. I had to get a replacement and the new one looked like it was printed in a kindergarten class. I was embarrassed to use it. Please send out quality products.