Plaid Integration Update: We're working on it!

Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone whose given us feedback and requests for Plaid integration (i.e. being searchable through other external banks/apps that use Plaid: we realize that this is an important feature to have, and as such our engineers have prioritized it! Unfortunately this feature doesn’t just require a flick of a switch, a fair amount of development is required for this to work in a secure environment. Our dev team are working on it and and once our test team has reviewed it, we are confident that it will be live in the app store within four weeks!


Jacqui + the Envel team


I didn’t even know what Plaid was before switching to Envel despite having used it at Simple and other banks. It’s beautiful when something works that well.

Excited to see it on the roadmap here. :grin:

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