Please fix this - this is unacceptable

So, my wife got paid today… we trade transferring different funds from another back into evel and receiving this error…. God forbid anyone gets paid and wants to transfer additional funds into their account…

I’ve got a better one.
I can’t take my money out.
Auto payments fail, even if the money is there.

And I can’t transfer FROM envel to my other bank account (says it can’t find the envelope).

I can’t initiate the transfer from the other account either. It fails due to INSUFFICIENT FUNDS (and terrifyingly the money disappears from envel for a day or more when this happens). So I can’t pay bills and I can’t take the money out some other way to pay from accounts where that doesn’t happen.

Envel is a black hole :sweat_smile:

Hey Chefrude,

Yikes, I’m so sorry you are having these issues! I would like to flag to our developers as a top priority. Just chatted with our head of engineering, and he requested more info as to the errors and issues you are seeing (if you can provide screenshots, and detail as to when the errors are occurring, that would be super helpful!)

Also, do you have a ticket open? Or multiple? If you would like I can check up on these, and also provide your email to our engineers if you want a prompt reply!


Hey Anthony,

I just spoke with our engineers and compliance team about this. Unfortunately the limit is imposed bu NBKC (our banking partner) and is not within our control. However, the team did suggest to initiate transfers to Envel from your other bank accounts. The transaction limit will not be applicable, and we’ve had no issues or complaints about this method!

Appreciate your patience, and thank you for the heads up. I sincerely apologize for any stress this has caused you and your wife, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do!


Thanks for the response. Good to know!

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Go for it.

I do have multiple tickets, and whatever else is true… I am pretty dissatisfied with how those are going too :sweat_smile:

I don’t want to blast this forum with my reaction and emotional response or experience. But wanting to remove my money from the service, and being unable to, really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I just flagged this to the team, and it sounds like @Diederik is chatting with you! I’m truly sorry you are having a negative experience, and keep us posted if there is anything else we can do!