Points, perks and rewards? Let us know

I’ve seen a similar feature where you choose a category to get cash back on. This is an excellent suggestion, and I will convey to the team and add to our suggestions board!

We aren’t sick of hearing gamify…that’s one of our ultimate goals! If you can think of additional ways that we could gamify personal finances, we’d love to hear them.


I think an easy one is having levels. The more you save, accomplish your goals, maybe give to charity, pay off a debt you gain XP as you level up you may get better rewards, cash back may go up etc. having some sort of leaderboard may be a little too much but going there could do something.

I like qapital encourages ifttt integration (less gamification but fun in its own way maybe even help you break a habit and save at the same time) link ifttt to social media and have it move money to your vault or emergency if you post one too many selfies on Twitter or tweet while you’re laying in bed trying to sleep lol. Accountability type thing.

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I don’t care about any of this: points, perks and rewards. Give us the features we’re asking for :slight_smile:

Which features are most important to you, that aren’t on the 8 week roadmap we shared a few days ago? I can’t make any promises, but we are keeping a running tally of top user requests to help guide our longer term plan.

I love the idea of a leader board! We would definitely like to make the app more social, such as by allowing users to share their financial successes. I know that for the next 8 weeks at least, our developers will be fairly occupied building the updates we announced, but I will definitely keep bringing these ideas up at our team meetings, as ‘socializing’ personal finances was one of our original ideas for the app!

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