POLL: What other transaction categories would you like to see?

Hi friends,

We are in the process of improving our transaction tagging/categorizing feature, and were wondering what other categories you would like to see when sorting your transactions! The eventual plan is to allow you to visualize your spending breakdown by category. Which categories do you think are missing from our current list?

Jacqui + the Envel team

I’d like more entertainment options, such as Anime, Manga, Comics, Games. Also, General, Groceries, Bills, Cell Phone, etc.

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Request for a “loans” tag. My loan provider doesn’t take the bills envelope routing #, so it has to come out of cash. Causes some grief having to go back and reassign, if I have enough to cover it. If I can’t reassign it, I imagine it’s skewing all my spending numbers.

Thinking along the same lines, if you have an internal list of providers who don’t accept the bills envelope routing number, I’m sure you could use that to develop a few more useful tags for people in the same situation.

I know more connectivity with vendors via plaid is coming and subaccounts should also eliminate this issue… but in the meantime, this would help this user :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! Making a note of these! Let me know if you think of any others.


Hey Daniel,

Thank you for the suggestions, we can definitely add a ‘loans’ tags! And that’s an excellent idea about the vendors, we do have a list, but are in the process of both integrating with Plaid and working with our banking partner to resolve these vendor issues (without needing Plaid!)


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