Red Card Option?

Hi Team Envel!

I was wondering…since in my Apple Pay the card is Red (and so is my favorite color!!), will there be an option to request a Red debit card instead of the blue one?

Really hope so! Thanks in advance, glad to be here!

Hey there!

We are actually about to send out red cards to everyone who invested $250 or more in our Wefunder crowdfunding campaign! These are special Envel owner cards. We are considering doing another round in the future, and hope to eventually allow our users to choose their own color, although that may be a bit further down the line.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback!

Jacqui + the Envel Team

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Ah, okay!

That’s actually pretty awesome! Wish I knew ahead of time, but oh well! Thanks for the response!



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I’d like to see an LGBTQ/Pride card one day.

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Hey John,

Thats an excellent idea! Did you have a particular design in mind? I will say that’s there have been all sort of cool card designs that we’ve wanted to do (like holographic cards!) but there are a ton of logistical challenges with our card issuers. However, it’s definitely something we will keep pushing for!


Anything that looks great. A lot of banks do the normal Pride flag and most of them just look blah to me. I want something that stands out, something when you take it out at people say “wow, I really like that card.”.

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