Roadmap 🤟🏾

Thought this was interesting to talk about knowing envel is still new an a working progress, can’t wait for premium services to be featured going forward to 2022 :grinning:

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Hey Gary,

Thank you for sharing this! Of course there are a lot of other features not mentioned here, but we are also super excited to roll out our premium service.



Hey if you don’t mind I would like to know more info about the premium service…

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Hey Gary!

Unfortunately the premium services will likely not be available until 2022, but I believe we were thinking of a monthly fee of ~10 dollars, with added services that includes tailored spending guidance and recommendations for building wealth, as well as potentially investment services. I asked our product team and they didn’t have a lot of detail because they are currently prioritizing improving the basic app functionalities for everyone.

I’m sorry I don’t have more information, but I will definitely keep this forum posted once we do!


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Awesome, thank you for that an will look forward to hear more news on the app… Have y’all thought about $8 instead of $10 just curious