Routing doesn't match bank name

Hi, I’ve been rejected from Direct Deposit at work because HR says: “The name of the bank doesn’t match the routing number”

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Hey David.
I believe if your company needs the correct name for direct deposit it will be NBKC Bank.

National Bank of Kansas City is the actual backing bank of Envel.


I’ve used my acct and routing numbers with both of my jobs that use different payroll software and both have gone through smoothly. Like tspaulding said, try selecting/typing the name as NBKC bank, this is because our accounts is technically housed at NBKC bank (like how BBVA was the bank name for Simple)

Hey David!

Apologies for missing this the other day. Were you able to get it sorted out? Thank you @Ryy and @tspaulding11 for your help!

Jacqui from Envel

Hi. Yes, once I changed the name to nbkc they approved it.

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Glad to hear it! Keep us posted with any other issues or feedback, excited to have you on board :slight_smile: