Routing numbers

Routing number invalid on PNC/BBVA bank
Can’t add external account to transfer funds
I see several comments on this topic. I think I will wait until bugs worked out

Hey Mark,

Welcome to our forum, and we appreciate your feedback! We’ve tried contacting BBVA several times regarding our routing number, but haven’t had much luck. Our routing number is relatively new and we’ve seen that some banks/vendors take a while to update their routing number charts. I apologize sincerely for this issue!

In terms of the external account, is this BBVA and PNC, or is there another account you are having issues with? Some other ways to transfer funds to your Envel account are to

  1. Link to these banks via Plaid in our app (under ‘External Bank Accounts’ → ‘Connect New’ in your Envelopes screen). Once linked, you have the options to pull funds from these external accounts!

  2. Give your account information to your employer for direct deposit

  3. Link BBVA and PNC to a third party app like Venmo, Paypal, or Cash app, all of which link to Envel. Obviously not ideal, but it definitely works if you don’t like the other options!