Searchable transactions from Bills

The search box in the Bills envelop doesn’t find any of my transactions because you are only looking at the name of the transaction. And the name of the transaction is just Withdrawal From Bills.

The actual name of the transaction is in the description. This field needs to be searchable and it needs to be the name of the transaction so that we can glance at the transactions and know what the bill is for.

the only time i see the name of the merchant in the name of the transaction is when its a Cardlink.

Hey there,

Thank you for bringing this up! Is this just for this particular vendor, or are you having the issue with other vendors? I noticed that this is the case with Venmo trx’s. I will definitely bring up to our technical team!


All merchants and here is what I mean about displaying the merchant name. All I see is Withdrawal from Bills unless it’s a Cardlink like Wendy’s

Thanks! I’ve brought this up with our technical team, I agree its quite confusing. Thank you for catching this!