Shared envelope members limit

How many members can be added to a shared envelope?

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You’re welcome to share your Shared Envelope with as many friends as you like @Nomad :blush:

It seems that only the owner can share the envelope with others. I don’t see any option to share the envelope shared with me

That’s correct the owner, we noticed that the sharing link is not allowing people to join. We’re working on fixing that (among other things) :blush:

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Had this problem last night with my wife. She simply didnt get a notification or email or anything (used contacts) and had her sign up manually).


Thanks @kelso logging the bug. Somethings still need to be improved, like the Envel logo for contacts who are already in Envel (like the send and request money function).

I’m logging it again for our development team. Thanks for bringing it up!

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