Shared envelopes

I created a shared envelope. But when I shared it my partner couldn’t join it.

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Hi @Nomad thanks for reporting the bug! :+1: and welcome to our Community Forum

I moved your topic to the category Bugs :slight_smile:

Hi @Nomad, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We’re currently looking into your issue. How did you try and share the Envelope?

Was this via the link or the via the contactlist?

Many thanks :blush:

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I shared it through text message and link. Both didnt work

I see the following error message

“Oops, something went wrong on our end. Please try again later.”

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Thanks @Nomad could you do a “long press” (simply clicking on the error message for a longer period of time) to see what the actual error is.

This will help us a lot, many thanks :smiley:

I see the following error message

“Invitation not found. (Needs own type)”

It works when the invitation is sent from android phone to iphone. Android doesn’t accept the invitation from iphone

I gave another try with shared envelope. I was able to create one (iPhone) and share it with my wife. But she (Pixel android phone) didn’t get any notification of this share envelope invite. Then I shared it manually by copying the link and shared it through WhatsApp. Then it worked.
It appears that Envel needs some more tweaking to make it work between iPhone and android phone.

They are both the same app but we’ll have a look into it @Nomad :muscle:

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Do you still have this issue @Nomad?

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I have not yet tried it.

I am waiting for Apple Pay so that I can start using Envel for my day to day expenses.

I have a tangential bug related to Shared envelopes.

In simple (yes I’m one of those) my partner and I had a shared account which both of us could use to buy things we were both contributing money for, like groceries.

The shared envelopes I know are beta, but we tried to use them with the debit cards…

  • it’s not available to setup up for debit use
  • you have to take the money out into cash or some other autonomous envelope, and THEN use that to pay… except
  • only the owner can do that. The other people sharing the envelope have to “ask permission”. And if the owner doesn’t have their phone handy… then the other person in line at checkout just has to scramble to pay some other way?

The ability to give (at least) two people equal access to the funds will make or break this feature for me. We should both be able to freely contribute to and draw from shared envelopes, or else its a misnomer.

Scrooge envelopes?
MEMEME envelopes?

Just being silly, but really, I want the option to say at least “yes you and you can take freely from here” and not have a function like parental control that expects me to deign my partner (who is capable of making responsible financial decisions with a limited supply of cash, without my oversight ) “permitted” to spend money on groceries.


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Thanks for the feedback about the shared envelopes! This request has been coming up a lot so will make sure it gets into the right hands! Makes a lot of sense for both people sharing the envelope to have unrestricted access to the envelope :slight_smile:

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