Sign Up Bonus Issues?

Has anyone else clicked a link via Facebook to sign up with $5 sign on bonus, only to not receive it. Not sure what the deal is with that.

Hey Kamina!

I am so very sorry for this. We actually had to pause our referral program as it was so popular we ran out of funds in our reserve. However, we just relaunched the program this morning, so refer away! We will likely have to close this round in 12 hours, so I recommend taking advantage of it now!


I have a referral link but for some reason when I signed up it didn’t work. Is there anywhere that I can put the referral link at even though I’ve already signed up? Or did I already miss it?

Hey Lauren!

I’m so sorry things didn’t work as expected. There should be a referral link on your homepage, and you are free to post that anywhere you’d like! You will get $5 for each user who signs up and orders there debit card (make sure you also order your debit card).