"Simplifying" goals

After moving all my money from Simple to Envil I set about recreating my savings goals.

One those goals is saving for my daughter to buy a car. The arrangement I’ve made with her is for every dollar she contributes we will match it. She puts in a dollar I add a dollar my wife adds a dollar. It’s a pretty good deal for her.

This goal does not have an end date nor is it automatically funded. She contributes when she can and often my wife and I add extra when we have it. The goal will be complete when there’s enough money in there to buy the car that she wants and she’s obtained her driver’s license.

The first time I tried to set up this goal The app calculated that it needed to put $1,000 a day into the goal. I added enough money to complete the goal but for some reason it still thinks it needs $433 a day.

Help me out with the math here. The goal is complete and should be moved to completed status.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

It won’t let me save the goal without an end date or an amount.

So I tried creating a goal with the amount of money we have saved already and tomorrow is the end date. No bueno.

Not being one to give up, I tried to create the goal with the amount of money we have saved and with an end-date one year in the future. It let me create the goal but it’s got a red flag saying that I’m not going to be able to fund it.

I transferred $2,600 into the new goal which should have moved it into achieved status but still thinks we need another $7 a day and it’s been red flagged.

I need some help here I’m not sure what to do. Over at Simple I never had to use tricks or workarounds when trying to create a goal. What am I missing?

Hey Jon,

Thank you for the heads up. I know in your other ticket you mentioned autopilot was turned off, which would be stopping your goals from being funding.

I am also opening a ticket for this issue, as our developers are aware of bugs in the Goals feature that they are working to solve, so this information will definitely help them.

The completed goal should be available for you to spend! Have you tried spending any of the funds from this goal yet?

I really appreciate you trying all of these things out, and for your patience. I am on the support call right now, and I’ve flagged this to them as a priority. Let me know if you don’t hear back (on either of your tickets) by tomorrow.


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I’ve since turned on autopilot. Automatic goal funding is a great feature.

I haven’t yet, we may need to add some more to that goal. Couches are more expensive than last time we bought one.


Couches are insanely expensive! I feel like its a good investment though if you plan to have it for a while. And I’m glad you like our automatic goal funding, I do as well: it’s so nice to click on my Goals page and see that I’ve been accumulating money for Goals I forgot about!

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