Small goals can’t save

So… I did what a few people suggested.
Annual subscriptions or fees = goals.
But I’ve hit some kind of minimum threshold.

If the annual fee is too small, then Envel will not set a “x dollars a day” funding formula, and not fund it.

The issue being, it can’t fund less than a dollar, I bet, and so instead of funding 1¢ or 5¢ or whatever. It does nothing.

This is happening on almost all my annual goals.

Sample of one such, here

0 out of 35, 12 months left. Not even $0.01 or $0.10 or anything. Just $0 even though it shows cents not just flat dollars.

By the way, it’s been over a week now.

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Hey there! This has been logged to our dev team as a top priority, they are currently working on it. As a spoiler, I have already tested the upcoming app updates/version, and my goals are funding perfectly :wink:
We appreciate your patience!

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