So how does Envel's AI work? You asked, we answered!

You asked, we answered. Check out this article by our amazing team member Tessa, and let us know if anything else can be clarified!

More about our help center later today, we are looking to build it out and include more articles to address your top concerns/confusions.

Envel Team

This is definitely better than what we had before (which was basically nothing). But what it doesn’t answer some basic questions about the calibration screen. It also doesn’t answer stuff about the Autonomous Envelopes for things like “Groceries” or “Gas” and how to set those (per paycheck, monthly, or something else entirely) which I created another topic for.

For example I get paid twice a month (15th and last day) so I have the “Income Frequency” set to “Semi-Monthly” and I’ve set the amount for “Paycheck” accordingly. However for the rest of the calibration stuff, do I set that for “monthly” values or “per paycheck” (or are they something else entirely.

I get we can always move money around as we desire even with the AI on, but part of the AI feature is that some of this is done for us so we can do some “set it and forget it”. And information around these kinds of things are still largely lacking for new comers to get a better sense of how to use this system.

My first direct deposit is coming in a couple of days and I want to get all these things set up as “correctly” as I can but again, documentation is a little thin.

Hi Koby!

The questions on the calibrations page can be confusing so the page has been re-designed to deploy as soon as we are able to. For now, I’ll clarify these questions so your first deposit experience is a good one! I will also write some help articles on this in case anyone has similar questions :slight_smile:

‘Semi-monthly’ and ‘Every two weeks’ mean the same thing but I would choose ‘Every two weeks’ as your income frequency. Yes, you are correct - set your paycheck according to your income frequency. For example, say you earn $2,000 by the end of the month, but are paid $1,000 every two weeks. You would input $1,000 under paycheck when calibrating for this example. For the bills section of calibrations, you need to put in monthly values :slight_smile: I know this isn’t clear so it is being improved on!

From your other question, when setting up autonomous envelopes, you need to indicate a ‘per month’ value.

We would like you to have the best experience possible on the 15th so I will get in contact with you to iron out any issues! :grin:

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Okay. So paycheck is set as “per pay check” and the other stuff (bills, subscriptions, rent/mortgage) are the “monthly” amounts. I can do that.

I assumed that was the case but couldn’t really see anything that solidified that as fact. And the updated document didn’t really help a lot from what I could tell.

Thanks for clearing this up.

Also “Every 2 weeks” and “Semi Monthly” are a little different. Every 2 weeks means you end up with 26 paychecks a year while getting paid semi monthly usually means you only get 24 checks a year and are paid on specific days (in my case 15th and last day).


Yes yes! Thanks for the correction! :raised_hands:

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