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Spending Glitch

When you spend the exact amount of an envelope, the app pulls from the said envelope and not cash (???).

Example: got gas and so happened to be the same amount of money in my State Farm custom envelope. Transaction showed spent from State Farm. So now I have to wait for it to clear so that I can transfer it back to Cash.

So then I went into the store to buy something and my card kept getting declined. I assume it was due to my custom envelope not having a balance now and the app still was somehow making the wrong association.

Or maybe it’s a card link glitch!!!? And that’s why the pump stopped at the exact amount of the envelope cause I didn’t even fill the tank.

I just made another purchase and it pulled from the same custom envelope again. So something is wrong with cardlink.


And another…

… So earlier I actually linked my card to that envelope then let it expire hoping it would knock it back but that didn’t work.

And now Netflix just got paid out of State Farm.

Also, there’s random transfers showing up in the State Farm envelope. Thank goodness because the Netflix debit would have been insufficient funds.

What is going on @jacqueline ?

So I’m having to put Entergy bill money in 2 places which I can’t really afford to do because I don’t which envelope/account it’s going to be pulled from right now.

The Chevron transaction shows spent from cash cause I already moved it.

And I just got declined at Walmart because there’s not enough funds in that state farm envelope.

No app support til Monday/over the weekend. That’s bad.

Apparently just talking to myself in the forum, so. :man_shrugging:t4:

Hey there,

I’m very sorry about this! I’m reporting this as an urgent issue to our technical team, and will keep you posted.


I know we did implement a fix for the Card Link issue a few days ago. Do you have the latest version of the app?


Please! I have bills getting ready to drop that won’t get paid!

I do (v.2.0.18). Was fine until that “fix” I guess. It broke mine. Never had a problem.

Adam, hi - apologies for the issues that you are experiencing!
I hope to assist to get these resolved before your bills drop.

The CardLink feature was inconsistent between Dec 2 to Dec 9 at 6 am EST.
It should have reverted to normal after the 9th.

I notice that your card is currently pointing to State Farm - most probably due to the issue between Dec 2-9.
This has now been corrected but give it about 2 hours to take effect at Visa.
Thereafter, your card should work as normal going forward.

Please don’t hesitate to immediately notify us here, if this is not the case!

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Thank you…I can’t wait to see if it’s fixed! I didn’t have a problem UNTIL the 9th. This has been a huge ordeal over the last 2 days not just for bill paying but for everyday activity as well.

@alwyn@jacqueline …everything seems to be ok now. Yesterday and this morning’s transactions have processed correctly.


Hey Adam,

I’m so glad to hear this! Please let us know if this issue comes up again. I apologize sincerely for any stress this caused you over the weekend!


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