Statements on in .zip format?

A financial institution is demanding to see a statement from Envel before I can link an account. Envel offers on .zip downloads of statements. IOS does not open zip files. You have no web interface. How am I supposed to do this???

I opened the zip file on my laptop, but it says the file is empty. So I need either a statement or a voided check from Envel. What am I supposed to do?

Another update: the account is half-linked now and the financial institution is showing the name of Envel as “Betterment.” Is this correct? What’s with all the different bank names associated with Envel. I’m am so confused!

The banking Services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. That’s the routing number you see.

Statements should be in PDF, will take that back to the product team.

You can download a voided check/deposit form in the app.

Could you please try the following:

For when you want the deposit to be split into your Autonomous Envelopes (Cash, Bills, Emergency and Vault):

  • Go to the Wallet Screen
  • Click on Add Funds on the right
  • Click on Push and then Share Account Details
  • Or, click on Paycheck and then Share Direct Deposit Form
  • This will create a PDF with your account details which you can share

If you want to get a deposit directly in a specific Envelope:

  • Go to the Wallet Screen
  • Select the Envelope that you prefer, e.g. Cash
  • Click on the Envelope again to flip it over
  • Click share to create and share the PDF

Let us know if this doesn’t work for you!

That worked. But how do I see statements? The zip files can’t be opened.

Hey there!

When I click on ‘Share’ , my phone gives me the option to share the PDF via email, text message, air drop, and a number of other apps (see below). Do you have this option? What do you see when you click on ‘Share’?


Yeah, but statements should be PDF as well, which they were before. On the to-do list!

That’s the last place I’d expect to find that. Plus, it’s not a voided check nor a statement. The bank is specifically asking for a picture of a voided check or an official statement. It should be here.

Hey there,

Thank you. Just gave our support team a heads up about this, I will let you know when I get a reply!


Just heard back from our of our engineers who said to go into the Envelope in question and tap “Share” to download a confirmation of your account and if it is your income account (i.e. where they get paid) then it is under Add Funds > Paycheck. If you have the Chrome app installed on your phone then you can go to Settings > Documents > Statements and tap one of them to download them. It will then download in Chrome. Once it has downloaded you can tap “Open in…” and then choose “Open in Downloads” which you can find if they scroll down a little on the popup. You will then see a screen with the zip file downloaded and if they tap it, it will then unzip and you can open the statement and forward it.

Let me know if this works!