Suggestion on Building Envel

First of all, I want to appreciate the great work Team Envel is putting into developing Envel Bank, its products, its APP and functionalities.

Candidly, I am aware that Envel has got so much in its hands at the moment, however, I would like to see Envel move quickly into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. That’s where banking and finance are going. It won’t be in the interest of Envel to go to the party late.

Please, let me know what your team thinks about this.

Keep up the good work you are doing, Jacqui and the entire Team Envel.

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Hey Jerry,

Thank you very much for the support and suggestion! While we are quite busy working on new updates, we are always open to new ideas. What ways do you see us implementing or moving into the DeFi space? And/or would you be able to point me towards any of our competitors who recently entered that space?


You look at what Linen is trying to implement and I think it would be very good for you to integrate DeFi right into your suite of services. That is where Banking-finance is going. Jelli currently raising on Republic has also join the fray.

Thanks Jerry!

No guarantees, but I’ve suggested this to the management team and its definitely something they are interested in down the line. As always, we appreciate your suggestions and feedback a lot!