a few suggestions i had were

  1. the ability to link your card to an envelope for longer than 5 minutes (i personally would like to link my card to an envelope until i switch what envelope it’s linked to). i like to split my income up into different envelopes and not hold it all in the cash envelope, so for some bills that only take card and not routing / acct numbers, it would be nice to not have to remember when that’s getting pulled to switch my card to my bills envelope!!

  2. it would be awesome if when you linked your debit card to an envelope, it didn’t move the money into the “cash” envelope, but instead just pulled the transaction from the envelope itself. right now my envelope transactions just say that $x.xx was moved to the cash envelope then $x.xx was moved back into my custom envelope. it makes it really hard to organize and track my spending.

would love if these two options could be implemented!!!

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Hi! Thank you for the suggestions! :grin:

  1. The dev team is working on a longer card link time period so watch the space! :partying_face: The bill sorter is in production and it will recognize bills and pull them directly from your bills envelope! At this point it will make some mistakes but will become increasingly more accurate! Let me know how it goes :star_struck:
  2. Thanks for this feedback! We would like to facilitate smooth spending tracking :white_check_mark:

Thank you for contributing!

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