Team or CEO has again failed to reply to any question on Wefunder

I’m not sure how to put this. I flagged this last time that the team needs to reply to questions on wefunder and your CEO went and replied to the questions there that day. But it seems like the team needs to be reminded every time?

Also, your crowdfunding has already ended and there hasn’t been a single news, email, article or even updating your website about the crowdfunding has ended.

I have invested in more 10 different projects on wefunder and Envel is the only one that has not taken their time to thank all the investors in believing in the project after the crowdfunding has ended.

I suggest we look at hiring better management team members.


Hi Amanda (@amandalt),

Thank you so much for your frank note and for supporting us on WeFunder. We appreciate your frustrations but please don’t fire our management team just yet :grimacing:

We’re pleased to confirm that our Wefunder crowdfunding went extremely well and we raised over $2M, doubling our original target.

In terms of crowdfunding regulation we may only raise $1,070,000 from unaccredited investors and so we’re waiting for Wefunder to advise us that the balance raised was in fact raised from accredited investors.

Our sincere apologies for the lack of announcements but we didn’t want to announce anything officially until Wefunder provided us with all the facts and we knew that the $2M was the correct regulation CF and D numbers. We are chasing Wefunder up and hope to get their final breakdown of accredited and unaccredited investors as soon as possible. We’ll then immediately update our website, social media and investor base with the good news.

Best wishes,

Diederik, Steve and the Envel Team