Test Goal not funding

Yesterday I set up a goal to learn how goals work at envel. I want to save $175 by my birthday in early May. It’s set to save $3/day. So far so good.

I made sure I had money in my cash, emergency, and vault envelopes because I wanted to see where the goal is funding from.

Today I logged in to have a look and the goal has not been funded. I manually moved some money in there so I can stay on track, but I’d like to know what went wrong.

  • I’m in manual mode. I thought I saw something that goals would fund in manual mode.

  • I own my own business so there will be no direct or regular deposits.

  • At Simple, They were good about showing you if you were on track, ahead, or behind in your savings goal. If you were behind, there was a button to “catch up”. If you were ahead, the daily transfer amount was lowered accordingly.

  • You could also pause and un-pause goals if priorities changed and you needed more spendable cash.

Hey Jon,

I believe I addressed these issues/questions in my other reply, but please let me know if anything is still unclear!