Testing new Bills sorter feature

Hi everyone,

In the latest version of the app we’ve implemented a new machine learning feature called Bill Sorter. This should automatically detect bills and reoccurring payments and take them from your Bills Envelope instead of Cash.

The cool thing is, it needs to learn and therefore we need to willing people who can help us learn even faster!

Drop me a DM if you’re interested and I will give you access to our exclusive Beta section of this forum.

Many thanks!


So it will kind of be like this:

Edit: only for bills? Can’t manually assign categories to specific pockets?


I’d like to hear more about the Bill Sorter. Can you manually assign bills and recurring payments as well?

Hi. Would love to be able to try this feature out.

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Hey Ryan,

Thank you for the note! We will keep you posted about future opportunities to test out new features. In the mean time, feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions!


Thank you. I have a question about paying bills. Currently, the way I pay my bills is I give all my payees my debit card number, and they bill me when my payment is due.

Right now, I don’t see a way that is possible with the envelope system.

Is there a way to set up the envelopes up so that will are all connected to cash, and I can later tag the transaction to pull from any envelope that I choose?

I know this is probably silly, but I can’t believe how difficult this is, but I want to like this system and I’m eager to make it work. I’m just trying to find a way to make it work the way I’ve known and trust that it should.

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Actually, are you guys going to offer virtual cards for each envelope? That would be a perfect solution to my issue I think.

We are currently deciding between several options. Virtual cards sound wonderful (I would love this feature) but there are a lot of hurdles and logistics to overcome with our banking partner before we can implement.

I will keep this forum regularly updated with our updates and plans, and as always appreciate your feedback!