This math doesn’t add up

Hi. I did transfer 1000 to test out the account and I noticed this math is incorrect! It seems to be missing the money in my goals?

Hey there!

Thank you for pointing this out! Is sounds like either the center of the circle should say $964, or that goals should be included as a category (that is where I assume the other $36 is) on this chart. Which would you prefer?

Again, appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Math has never been my personal strong suit, so I would most likely have missed this.

Jacqui + the Envel team

Probably not something you’d wanna hear from someone handling our money :sweat_smile::crazy_face::joy: jk jk lol

I would say the $1,000 is correct and so I would add a “goals” category. Otherwise If it said $964 I would be concerned I was missing money.


Haha don’t worry I just do marketing and user support :rofl:
And that’s what I would prefer as well. I’ve logged it as a bug for our engineering team to address! They should be waking up soon (Cape Town is where our dev and data science teams are based) and can get this resolved!

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