Transactions = Spending?

I am a Simple orphan, seeking a new banking family. Envel is one of the accounts I am testing. I like the look, think there is great potential, and am an invested funder. I know there are still kinks to work out and I look forward to at least lurking in the background to see if you get to be truly all that Simple was.

That being said, I have very recently opened this account, so I have not really gotten to use it yet and I am still getting used to things. The transactions screen in this app is very confusing.

On the Sunday shown in the attachment, my transactions amount shows as $0. However, if I expand it, it shows that I actually received a $500 deposit. Similarly, on the other days when I’ve had money incoming and outgoing, my transaction amount for the day shows as only the total of the outgoing. Is there a different button I’m supposed to press to see transactions the way I think I should be seeing them or does “transaction” only mean “spending” in the Envel world?


Hi there! Yes, at this point the totals above transactions only show what you have spent and not deposited. I agree with you - one would have a better understanding of their day-to-day finances if withdrawals and deposits are taken into account. This would enable one to see if they have a positive or negative cashflow each day. Thanks for bringing this up! :slight_smile:

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Hey @kwelch813 ,

Welcome to our forum, thrilled to have you on board as an investor, user, and member of our community!

This is something we brought up with the team today, as we are aiming to make things clearer/more intuitive in the coming updates!

We appreciate your feedback, and let us know if you have other questions or suggestions.