Transfer Bug

I received $19.69 from Google Pay to my Cash envelop. I immediately transfered it to my custom Target Red Card envelope which then brought my Cash envelope down to. 64 cents. I then used card link to pay from Bills envelop.

It seems like the 19.69 went back to Cash and paid for my Cardlink transaction from it because now the balance is $14.93.
Which is 19.69 +. 64 - 5.40

$5.40 is the card link transaction. See screenshots.

Although it seems to have gone back to Cash my custom Target Red Card envelope still has the 19.69

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Ohh I see it, jack in the box purchase that $5.40 is from your custom envelopes deducted off your cash envelope correct…

No the 540 is spent from Cash, but it should be Cardlinked to Bills envelop, but to me a Cardlink just transfers all Bill money to cash for 15 minutes. And there is a Custom From Cash transaction in my Bills folder for some reason for the amount I moved to Target custom envelop.

So confusing.

It gets weirder. Check out these two screenshots. One is from my Custom Target Red Card envelope and the other is from my Bills envelop. Same transaction number

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And the original deposit.

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Which brings back the amazon on purchase we’ve discuss a week ago, it’ll definitely needs some work on getting transactions refurbished in the right envelope when making a purchase

Hey there,

This does look like a transaction that may have accidentally been tagged as Bills, much like the issue we were seeing with Amazon. Who was the vendor?


Jack in the Box. Fast food joint. I’ve swiped to Bills envelop for this place before.

I transferred money out of cash and then swiped within ten minutes so maybe that caused it. I wish I knew balance of bills before this happened. If only time machine worked like that.

Ah ok that’s probably why it automatically pulled from Bills. We are aiming to release our transaction tagging later this week, which should resolve this issue!