Transfer Limit

The $1500 transfer limit is strange. You don’t seem to have a lot of banking tools in place for people with a larger account balance. My understanding is that a lack of users with larger account balances was one of the factors that tanked simple. How are you going to mitigate this?

Hey there,

We’ve definitely gotten that feedback for some of our higher account balance customers. The last I heard we were working with our banking partner, nbkc (who imposes the limit) to make this more flexible for people with larger balances. I am conveying your feedback to our management team to see if I can get a better update on where we are at!


Yea def need higher limits . What if I have to pay bill In an emergency and have to transfer let’s say… $3000 then I’m screwed haha … But I know you guys can’t do everything at onc and are doing the best you can to incorporate all these features


Thanks Mario, we appreciate the support and feedback! We definitely know this is a major limitation for certain users, and do intend to make it more flexible. It does involve working with our banking partner, which can be challenging and slow at times as they work with a number of other startups!