Trying to understand Envel

I took a stab at trying to communicate some of the organizational and feature issues I was having and figured a prototype might be the best bet.

I shared a video on the Reddit community along with an explanation of why, if it helps. Hope it’s clear.

UPDATE Check out the Figma prototype here.

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This is a very cool concept!

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Hey Jay,

Thank you for posting this here! I’d love to do some sort of poll or A/B testing type of thing with our users to be able to more quantitatively assess how their perceptions of your design compare to our current UI/UX. I’ll see what our design team and developers see on Monday!

As mentioned on reddit, our team very much appreciates your engagement and solutions. One of the ways we want to differentiate ourselves from other banks/fintechs is our proximity and engagement with our users: we want to provide users an alternative to the typical large, cold, traditional banks. This is obviously much easier at our current stage then it may be in the future, so we are glad that you got on board so early on in our journey!

Jacqui + the Envel Team

Great to hear it’s driving a discussion… I’d be a bit cautious on doing an A/B test with any of this though as there is WAY too much to unpack. I’m afraid you won’t get any good research insights for all that work.

I’d love to do an A/B test on the overall organization, showing black and white wireframes are first or something, with the goal of answering, “What is the most logical way to organize our core features?”

Then you can test more specific things like CUJ flows. Glad to talk more about this sometime.

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Good point! Would love to chat more about it, may be more of a conversation for our development and product teams though. You are always welcome at our AMAs (I think you’ve earned the right to show up to as many as you’d like), and I will keep you posted with our design team’s thoughts!