Turning on ai mode

So I had it turned off and decided to turn it on it says my limit is refurbished every week. When someone first turns on the ai and chooses weekly you need to put something as the spending limit so the person can spend without having to wait a full week to get that spending limit. which means it gives me a $0 spending limit so I basically can’t spend my money. So a $1 charge I think got declined because I don’t have anymore money to spend this week. Am I missing something here? Daily spending limit seems to be my only option. Which still means I can’t spend anything for the rest of the day.

Hey Billy,

Thank you for the heads up. Chatting with our product team now, and they said this definitely shouldn’t be happening: I am opening up a ticket for you now.

The charge that got declined was through you card, correct?


Ya it was for a subscription

Hey Billy,

Have the funds in your Cash been replenished over the week? Have you had anymore charges get declined?

Our technical team is looking into why this issue is occurring, but I just wanted to make sure that you haven’t had any other issues making payments.


I just turned it off for now. I changed it to daily before I turned it off and the next day it was working.

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Glad to hear it, please keep us posted if anymore issues come up!