Update: Diederik to the rescue - issues resolved- Massive issues with account - please help

Update - Diederik was able to fix both issues. Thank you for quick action @Diederik

I’m not clear on what happened or if it will happen again… but as of right now, everything is good with my account.

Original post:

Got my direct deposit today. Was so excited to start using Envel. I had to take it off AI because my bills don’t fit into 4 buckets, but that’s not the issue.

  1. $300 dollars disappeared from my account when I was reshuffling my money manually. I can’t find it in any of the envelopes.

  2. when I tried card link it unlinked my debit card from my account. It will not let me reactive the card (presumably because it was already activated 2 days ago).

Please help.

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Any time @dvargas. We’re still investigating what happened in the first placed to prevent it in future issues :muscle:

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Hey there,

Thank you for posting this- I’m very glad you were able to get your issues resolved!

Have a great weekend,
Jacqui + the Envel Team

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