Vault AI not working well with Goals

With the AI feature putting money into my Vault and my Goals being funded by the Vault, why am I running out of money in my Vault to fund a Goal? Envel knows what my goal is and how much money is needed each day. It doesn’t seem to be funding the Vault properly to help cover the daily need for a goal. Instead, it appears to be putting more than it should in Cash. My use case example:

Direct Deposit 100 into my account twice per month. Autopilot settings:

  • Utilities: $0
  • Subscriptions: $0
  • Rent/Mortgage: $0

Amount Left: $100.

Goal needs: $2 per day.

Why is very little money getting put in Vault to cover this? It runs out quick, then the goal isn’t funded and then gets behind. AI not helping make this easy for me to save.


  • Allow a goal to be part of AI funding model
  • Allow a goal to be funded from somewhere else besides Vault (e.g. a newly created Autonomous Envelope if Vault doesn’t get any priority.

Work Arounds:

  • When I turn off AI mode to manual, then turn AI mode back on, it seems to adjust my Vault again an allocated, however, the Autopiliot settings don’t show how much is going to vault so I’m not sure what its doing

I agree! I am a Simple refugee and appreciated that I could fund goals straight from my “cash” envelope. I have barely used goals because it’s an extra step for me to add money to vault just for the money to leave the vault to fund goals. In my mind “vault” would mean off-limit money. I don’t quite trust the AI to distribute for me yet.

Hey Rob,

Thank you for the feedback, and I’m sorry the AI isn’t working as expected.

What is your current Spending Guidance setting? It sounds like it may be set to prioritize your spending over saving.

One option, instead of creating Goals (if you’d like your Vault to be protected), is to add your Goals as Custom Autonomous envelopes. This way they will be included in the AI funding model!

And actually, we have been chatting a lot about allowing users to customize where exactly their Goals are funded from. Our thought is to allow users the option to have then be funded from the Vault, OR to be separate from the Vault and funded by the AI in a similar way to Custom Autonomous Envelopes.

If you make a larger deposit and notice that not enough funds are going to the Vault, please let us know!


Hey Sarah,

Thank you for your feedback! See my note in response to this post below for our thoughts on Goals, and potential changes.