Virtual debit card

It would be good to have “Virtual Card” feature to spend online safely.

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Apple Pay is first on the list, next plan is virtual cards for each Envelope.


This would be a really great feature. Is there a roadmap published for things that are being worked on!?

Hey nmorton,

Nothing has been published officially, but rest assured we keep track of all our your suggestions on our team platform, as well as the number of people who request each feature. We have gotten a ton of amazing feedback over the weekend, and are working on prioritizing! There is so, so much we want to do, but one step at a time! Our team works round the clock (literally we have 7 different time zones so someones always working) to make you guys the best app possible!

So…virtual cards are rolling out this November?

Hey Julius,

Welcome to our forum, we are very excited to have you on board! Unfortunately we likely won’t be finished with virtual cards by then. However, we are working on an update called subaccounts, wherein the majority of your envelopes with be ‘subaccounts’ under one main account number. This should help reduce a lot of the friction our users were experiencing with payments being declined due to insufficient funds in an envelope!


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I use for virtual cards in my envelopes. You’ll have to send them a message and request to use their services via routing/banking info instead of Plaid. Been working good for me.


I just used it for the first time. Thanks for the recommendation.

What do you mean by “virtual card”?

I think they mean a case where an app gives you a debit card number, CVV, and expiration date, so that you can use this for purchases without the need for a physical card! This is something we are considering for the future.